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cyber security

Demystifying Cybersecurity: Expert Insights from Norman Dougherty at Solis Security

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity takes a front seat in the minds of business owners. As cyber threats grow in sophistication and impact, the question isn't 'if' but 'when' your business will be a target. To help business owners gain a comprehensive understanding of this complex field, we've sought the expertise of Norman Dougherty, a seasoned cybersecurity specialist from Solis Security. Solis is known for delivering best-in-class managed cyber security services and incident response for businesses around the world.

Norman shares his experienced insights, technical advice, and strategies to assist businesses in comprehending cyber risks, keeping abreast of the latest trends, and deploying effective mitigation tactics.

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General insurance premium outlook Sept 2023

General Insurance Premium Pricing September 2023 – Outlook for 2024/25

Having appropriate sums insured for the current replacement value of your assets, stock, contents and machinery is crucial. The recent impacts of inflation, labour shortages, persistent lower AU$ at around 0.65 Cents (Sept 2023) and supply chain issues have caused a dramatic increase in the costs to rebuild/repair properties and replace items. It’s important that we work together to ensure you have the correct valuations and sums insured for your insurance policies.

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not for profit workers compensation

Unique insurance risks and workers compensation considerations within the not-for-profit industry

Our not-for-profit industry is an important part of the Australian economy, employing 1.38m people (11% of jobs in Australia) and contributing an estimated $129b of the country’s gross value, added in direct and indirect contributions. Given this scale, diversity and complexity of services, there are a range of unique insurance risks and workers compensation considerations, specific to the not-for-profit industry.

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Introducing Acacia Rural, a division of Acacia Insurance

2023 has brought an exciting opportunity for Acacia Insurance to expand its footprint through the purchase of the Active Community Insurance Farm portfolio – now known as Acacia Rural.

Acacia Rural will be a flagship division of Acacia Insurance & Risk Services Pty Ltd, part of the Insurance Advisernet group. This strategic move is designed to be a win-win for our farm, agriculture and regional clients, their local communities and the business as a whole.

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Robert Wallace, workers compensation insurance

Acacia Insurance appoints leading expert Robert Wallace to bolster workers compensation service

Acacia Insurance continues to grow and build in both capacity and capability, and we're proud to strengthen our workers compensation practice to continue to provide advice and solutions of the highest quality and deliver better outcomes for our clients. There is no doubt that workers compensation is a specialist area, requiring dedicated skilled resources, and we're pleased to announce the appointment of leading expert Robert Wallace.

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