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At Acacia we look to introduce purposeful, innovative solutions to meet your everyday needs and make a difference to your business and your bottom line.

For example, we support the kind of innovative technology that allows you to run your business faster, safer and more efficiently. Technology that helps you manage your risks while at the same time saving you time and money. Innovative risk technology gives your business that ‘premium edge’ and could provide flow on benefits to your customers as well. 

Introducing KnowHowHere 

We are pleased to introduce KnowHowHere, a new and innovative technology focussed on improving safety and efficiency of Australian and international businesses.

What is KnowHowHere?

KnowHowHere is an Internet of Things app that provides a solution to overall precinct management; a dashboard and map that shows location and activity of every major plant, worker, incident and hazard in real time, leading to reduced risk and increased productivity and transparency.

From the workers’ point of view, the App provides them with everything they need to know for the job in front of them.

Check out the video before for a KnowHowHere safety scenario. 

KnowHowHere provides the following:

  • Platform for managers that allows them to track and manage every worker, asset, incident and risk from a simple, map-based interface.
  • App for workers that ensures that, wherever they are and whatever task they are doing, they always have exactly the information they need to be safe and effective.
  • Interfaces with Business Intelligence Systems, HR, Learning, Safety management and other tools used in the construction industry. 

This new technology is already being utilised by major organisations and here is some feedback: 

“App is proving easy to use by workers – even those with very limited experience with smartphones and IT.”

“It makes setting up energy generation sites easy and can be largely done remotely.”

“The data being captured by workers is easy to access and offers big improvements in accuracy, timelines & transparency.”

Who would benefit from this solution?

  • Organisations wanting to reduce risk and increase productivity of their field workforce – so mining, construction, facilities, energy, infrastructure, government, defence, health/aged care and anyone whose workers are in the field or operating machinery.
  • Managers who want a real time window into the location and status of every worker, mobile asset, incident and hazard across all their sites.
  • Workers who need instant access to the right tools and information to perform the task at hand correctly.

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