Client Testimonials

Acacia Insurance’s client testimonials

With our depth of experience, we think we have the best team to look after you and your business insurance needs. But rather than asking you to take our word for it, we asked some of our longtime clients to tell you what they think. See what they said in our client testimonials below.


Bernie Liebmann

Over many years we engaged Martin and his broking team as our insurance and risk advisor.

Being a leading supplier of scaffolding and formwork to the construction and industry sectors comes with considerable insurance and risk challenges. Being able to rely not only on outstanding service but also expert risk advice was of great value and comfort to our organisation.

Martin seeks to gain a very deep understanding of the business, its people and operations, which no doubt allows for the construction of appropriate coverage and advice, allowing us to make informed decisions.

Through a number of challenging events, claims and insurance market cycles we certainly felt we achieved optimum outcomes, which helped us to realise the best results for our company and shareholders.

I can highly recommend Martin as an insurance and risk advisor to any business.

Bernie Liebmann, Former Executive Chairman and CEO of Waco Kwikform

Yuri van der Walt

The premiums and coverage the Acacia Insurance team achieved have been outstanding in what we understand to be a tough insurance market. Importantly they identified a number of exclusions that we were not aware of and they arranged for these to be amended.

I believe the success of Acacia is as a result of their dedication and professionalism employed in ensuring that the services provided to their clients is of the highest order. Clearly, they have an experienced and mature team who is capable of being able to think ‘outside the square’ and to solve problems.

Acacia Insurance is a thoroughly professional firm and we would recommend their services to any organisation.

Yuri van der Walt, VO Group CFO

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David Clarke

From the outset we were impressed by the time you took to understand how we operate and the key challenges facing us from the perspective of securing appropriate cover. Equally, your analysis of our current insurance cover and premiums was deep and clinical. This allowed the development of a very clear investigation checklist.

Your brief to potential providers was obviously effective as the response back to us was coherent and allowed for direct ‘apples for apples’ comparison. In that respect, the decision-making process was relatively easy. Given the size of premiums and the risk exposure, this was a matter for Board approval. Acacia maintained excellent and ongoing information flow to our Board and directly presented your findings.

On our behalf you negotiated effectively, both lifting the quality and breadth of our coverage. At the same time the premiums quoted to us came in at a most acceptable level. Achieving both an improvement in cover and great premiums is a difficult double act to achieve, but you did just that.

We are pleased to recommend the services of Acacia to any prospective clients.

David Clarke, Forward Ability Support (formerly known as ParaQuad NSW) CEO

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David Lee Young

Martin set the standard on client focus and performance well before client surveys and testimonials became fashionable.

I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Martin as our insurance adviser for many years through different firms. He always went into bat for us and scored a ton even when we were facing hard markets, major claims or just looking to re-structure our program.

His relationships in the insurance markets are exceptional. He ran his team servicing many clients but we always felt we had his priority.

I would have no hesitation in engaging him again and so it goes without saying that I would commend him to any position where exceptional team leadership and performance are required.

David Lee Young, Chief Operating Officer at JLL Hotels (Former Executive General Counsel – Asia Pacific JLL Group)

Wayne Derrick

As Asia Pacific Regional Finance Director of a large multinational, multi modal freight/logistics and TPL warehousing company with more than 23,000 employees, one of my key accountabilities was managing risk for the businesses in my jurisdiction.  When evaluating risk and insurance requirements across a complex and dynamic business framework, it is crucial that you partner with the right advisers.  My personal view is that the time investment required by both parties to understand the business drivers, and functional activities conducted by large organisations such as the one I worked for is so great, that you have to develop relationships with people you both trust and carry levels of expertise not often found in the general market place.

To this end I was delighted to establish exactly this type of relationship with Martin and his team, who earned my confidence and consistently demonstrated their value throughout their tenure as our broker over many years.

Specifically, Martin was able to highlight deficiencies in our program, give us advice on how we approached risk and structure a program that better suited our business.  The day to day service never wavered.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Martin to any organisation who seeks a valued insurance and risk business partner.

Wayne Derrick C.A., Former CFO (NZ) and Regional Finance Director – Asia Pacific Air Express International Corp (now DHL).

Denis Aitken

Until my retirement in 2008 I was Deputy Executive Chairman and Company Secretary of the WFM Motors Pty Ltd group of companies.  WFM and its majority shareholder, NGP Investments (No 2) Pty Ltd, comprise the largest privately owned group of motor vehicle dealerships in Australia trading in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT and representing all of the major franchisors.  Additionally the group owned dealerships in the USA, France and England.

I am aware that Mr. Martin van Rhoon is involved in the establishment of a new insurance adviser business and he has sought from me a testimonial in relation to the WFM group’s experience with him and I am pleased to do so.

Between 1997 and 2003 the group’s insurance and risk advisory needs were very ably met by Martin who was Account Director with Minet Australia Ltd from 1990 to 1997.  Following the acquisition of Minet by Aon Insurance Services in 1997 Martin was appointed to the position of “General Manager Corporate” and continued to be directly involved with our group.

My long experience with Martin and his team was positive.  He was at all times very professional in his dealings with the group and quickly established a high degree of trust and confidence with our staff members.  Over the years we had many claims including several large claims relating to hail and property damage.  I recall a claim relating to a major fire at one of the group vehicle parts warehouses resulting in extensive building and stock damage.  Within three days of the fire Martin had organized a preliminary progress payment from the insurer of $3,000,000.  The entire claim proceeded smoothly and inconvenience to dealership customers was minimal.

Martin was proactive in risk management initiatives that contributed to reducing claims and consequential premium increases.  Martin is a most experienced and competent insurance executive and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective client for his new insurance adviser business.

Your sincerely, Denis Aitken – 13 February 2018